(: Hello TMA Families šŸ™‚

***Please download excel file attached below for
next week schedule***

TMA is back with another fun filled week we have designed for you

We are thrilled to announce that we all are going to prepare Nunchucks next week in Wednesday class at 5:15 pm

These will be special and memorable Nunchucks for you and for us all!Ā 

This will be the only one in the world because you will make it yourself with love and passion!Ā 

All students and parents are invited to join us virtually for this fun challenge.Ā 

Things to prepare Nunchucks

The following stuff is needed to prepare the Nunchucks, please make sure you have this with you;

1- Scrap paper of A4 size or any hard paper of same size

2- ScissorĀ 

3- Rubber band or Shoe StrapĀ 

4-Paper punch or any sharp object to make a hole in the paper

Ā Nunchucks Craft ChallengeĀ 

Take your pics with your Nunchucks and send it to us or post on Facebook by tagging us (Traditional Martial Arts) in your post !

Whoever made the best Nunchuck, he/she will be the winner of the Nunchuck contest and we will post winners picture on our official Facebook page!Ā 

Tight your belts and get ready for a fun challenge šŸ™‚ We are with you in this and will help you make your world class Nunchuck!!!Ā 

Can’t wait to see you all next week!