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Welcome to Master NA’s Traditional Martial Arts. We are the leading provider of martial arts instruction for children, adults and families and are the winner of Top-Rated Businesses in Connecticut.

TMA Philosophy

At Master Na’s TMA, we strive to give our students the highest quality martial arts instruction possible.

We believe in empowering our students with valuable skills for daily life. Therefore, our training includes skills valuable in daily life: cooperation, respect, self-control, focus, leadership and confidence. We know from experience that training in Tae Kwon Do helps students in their personal and professional life. The positive character traits that develop will help them at work and school, at home and on the playing field.

We also believe that contributing to our community is a natural extension of improving each student’s life. Happier, more confident students lead to happier families, which lead to more cohesive communities. Our school continually seek out opportunities to contribute to our community, including self-defense seminars, charity fundraisers, and educational demonstrations. We have successfully organized charity fundraisers for many local facilities like The Connecticut’s Children and The Ferguson Library and will continue to do so in future.

TMA Facilities

We take pride in the quality and cleanliness of our school. Recognized as the best in the state, our facilities provide a spacious, clean, and safe environment for our students and families. TMA is considered to be one of the top training facilities in Connecticut. We use Olympic quality mats and state of the art equipment that is continuously evaluated for safety. Our school feature changing rooms and a viewing lobby for parents and families to observe class.

Our Instructors Make the Difference

Traditional Martial Arts is a community of committed and positive martial arts instructors and students who are striving to improve the physical, mental and social aspects of their lives. All of our trainers are Kukkiwon-Certified Black Belts and Master Na is Kukkiwon-Certified Master with a 5th Degree Black Belt.

We work together to help everyone achieve their goals and become the best they are capable of becoming. Those who choose to train at TMA have a desire to achieve a high standard of excellence in all aspects of their lives and are willing to commit to constant improvement.Our martial arts instructors work to further develop this desire to improve in our students by getting them to set personal goals so their motivation to excel comes from within. To us, this is truly the best form of leadership.

 You Should See to Believe!

It’s always a good idea to personally visit our school. Meeting the instructors and seeing the facilities up close will give you a better feel for the type of experience you can expect to receive in the future.

We invite you to come see what a difference Master Na’s Traditional Martial Arts can make for you!


Fatima de Leon Janairo
Our son started at TMA a little shy of 4 years old. It was a very difficult transition for him for months. He cried at every class and was scared to try something so new. The instructor’s support was pivotal in helping our son succeed. They were patient, kind, persistent, and encouraging with him. It was a difficult and challenging time for him and us as parents as well, but thankfully with our and TMA’s support and encouragement, he is now thriving. My recommendation to families in similar situations is to give positive support and encouragement to their kids, for parents to not give up?…

Natalie Wooderson
I’m so glad we joined and registered my four year old son. Master Na and his team are extremely invested in their students success. They have been very patient with my son, who was a bit timid at first. It’s not just a class in which you show up for 30 minutes and leave. They are very engaging and I can see the students actually learning and progressing each class. There is accountability. The practice goes beyond the confines of the building as they encourage positive behavior at school and at home. My son loves it – his respect, confidence and demeanor have improved greatly.

Phuong Le
I like martial arts since I was a child. Martial arts give you a lot of benefits like developing self confidence, focus, discipline, fitness…etc. I decided for my son to go TMA to learn Teakwondo and Master Na’s classes are great place. My son and I enjoy the time with TMA a lots!

First, the class is always kept clean not just by the staffs, but the instructors and all the students. The kids can learn many things with just a small habit like keeping everything around them neat and clean, bowing whenever they come in or out the class. They learn how to care for themselves and others. Second, all the TMA staffs are nice, friendly, caring for all students and parents. Master Na is a great teacher! The other instructors are very nice too. The way they divide the class to small groups and the kids can move around to have experience with all instructors is great. And much more great things!! 🙂 Oh and the birthday party is awesome too!! 🙂 Thanks to TMA!!

Lauren Wells
I can’t even begin to thank Master Na and his amazing staff enough for everything they have done for my son. He has grown so much in only a few months. Taekwondo has helped him in so many ways…it has helped improve his confidence and his ability to interact socially with peers. It has also helped him improve his attention and patience with others in school as well as in everyday life. He looks forward to his classes each week as well as the monthly movie night. He is super excited about attending camp for a week as well later this summer. I hope that his drive and commitment continue for many years to come. I wish nothing but the best for Master Na, his school and his amazing instructors! They all have such patience and high expectations for all that are enrolled in the school. It is such an amazing community to be a part of. I would highly recommend this school if you are looking to enroll your child or yourself in a martial arts program.