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Question: What does my child need to succeed in school?
Answer: Focus. Persistence. Self-esteem. Respect. All the skills that kids learn every day at Master Na’s TMA. For 15 years, parents have told us that the skills their children learn in Tae Kwon Do have helped end homework battles, cut down on sibling bickering, and help children overcome problems and issues that can make them dread going to school.

7 skills your child will take away from Tae Kwon Do


At Master NA’s TMA your child will learn how good it feels to set and achieve goals. By mastering each new Tae Kwon Do skill, our students learn to overcome frustration and gain the patience to stick with each task until they’ve accomplished their goals.


In a world of 140-character tweets and 500 cable channels, getting kids to pay attention can be a struggle. Tae Kwon Do training at Master Na’s TMA can help your child maintain focus in the classroom and improve concentration on homework.

Self Esteem

Kids today are confronted by ever increasing temptations, conflicts and expectations that can hurt their sense of self worth. Martial arts training helps your child build self-confidence and a positive self image to overcome challenging situations and believe in his or her own potential.


Wouldn’t you love to hear less bickering at home? Do you wish your child would show more respect to teachers and coaches—as well as to you? Martial arts training will help your child learn to be a good listener and to be respectful and polite at home and in school.

Social Skills

Tae Kwon Do classes teach your child how to work well with others. The atmosphere of encouragement and camaraderie at Master Na’s TMA can help your child make friends more easily and be a team player throughout his/her life.


Tired of searching your child’s backpack for homework assignments and notes you need to see? At Master NA’s TMA, students are taught to set their own goals and to take responsibility for achieving them.

Conflict Resolution

Contrary to what many think practicing martial arts helps children learn how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Bullying is a major issue that can cause many negative consequences. At Master Na’s TMA, we teach three specific habits that are valuable in a bullying situation: maintaining a confident posture, using your voice as the first line of self defense, and having the confidence to walk away.

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